We are in Teglio, in the heart of Valtellina, a valley rich in biodiversity where alpine nature dominates. Here, exposed to the sun, in the middle of the mountains and pure air, for three generations we have been working with buckwheat as our age-old tradition has taught us. We have always embraced the gastronomic culture that characterizes these places and with commitment, dedication and the right innovation we carry it forward with passion. Year after year, however, we have not stopped: we have done the research, we have grown and in our lines, we have inserted several essential raw materials to create unique and healthy dishes. Buckwheat, but also Corn, Quinoa, Millet, Rice, Amaranth and many other cereals included in the Gluten-Free category. We have been producing organic for over 30 years, a fact that testifies to our constant attention to the safety of production and the needs of an increasingly attentive market for quality. A continuous commitment to the satisfaction of our customers, also proven by our numerous corporate certifications.

  • Respect


    In Valtellina, it is a centuries-old gastronomic tradition.
    For this reason, we produce flours and buckwheat products thanks to which we can create both traditional recipes and tasty and original dishes. We are members and promoters of the Pizzocchero Academy, an association created to protect the dish that is the symbol of our land. Respect

  •  Care


    Everything starts from a seed, but there are seed and seed and there are cultivation and cultivation.
    The difference lies in the attention to detail and constant care.
    For this:
    • enter into exclusive sowing contracts thanks to a direct relationship with our growers;
    • we constantly check the supply chain, from sowing to harvesting;
    • we cultivate and work Buckwheat exclusively of Italian and European origin;
    • moreover, some of our references come from 100% Italian agriculture. Care

  • Innovation


    Year after year we have improved what we believe today to be an innovative integrated production process consisting of:
    • a new mill dedicated exclusively to the processing of buckwheat;
    • a sanitization system capable of offering maximum guarantee and compliance with baby food standards;
    • an innovative buckwheat decortication system;
    • a flaking plant dedicated to buckwheat and other gluten-free cereals;
    • a pre-cooking flour plant. Innovation

  •  Commitment


    All our productions are guaranteed by strict process controls carried out both by our internal laboratory and by accredited external laboratories.
    A work that is based on total transparency, integrity, and respect for the man and the environment that guarantees our customers:
    • NON-GMO through the use of raw materials that do not contain and do not derive from genetically modified products;
    • management of allergens through the definition of Good Production Practices (BPP) which guarantee or decrease possible cross-contamination;
    • Gluten-free products having obtained the concession to use the Spiga Barrata AIC S.B.S brand;
    • organic products having certified their production lines according to standards 834/2007, 889/2008 and NOP, COR and AB;
    • hygienic-sanitary safety through the application of the analysis of the hygienic-sanitary risk and control of critical points and thanks to the Good Production Practices (BPP).
    In addition, our Research and Development department is constantly committed to offering the best that nature can give to our table. Commitment

  • safeguard


    Tracing means reconstructing the history of a product, from who has cultivated the raw material to where the final product is located.
    We do it with maximum effectiveness and efficiency
    thanks to our computerized system " from farm to fork ".
    A further control that joins the Customer Care Service to protect and assist our customers and pursue their complete satisfaction. safeguard

Spiga Barrata
COR - Canadian Organic Regime
NOP - National Organic Program
BRC - British Retail Consortium
IFS - International Food Standard
Valtellina Quality Mark
Health Ministry Certification
Organic Products (Reg. CE 834/2007 and Reg. CE 889/2008)
AB Organic farming

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